About Us

There remain fewer than 1,600 Panda Bears, 30,000 Polar Bears, and 50,000 Brown Bears left alive in the world.  These animals have faced long periods of hunting, climate change, and deforestation which have led them to be on the endangered species watch list.  Help A Bear was created to help the incredibly dedicated charities such as the World Wildlife Fund, Polar Bears International, and the Vital Grounds Foundation.  These charities focus on helping preserve the bear population through various conservation projects which include improving habitat quality, restoring forests, combating climate change, and educational programs to increase awareness for these beloved creatures.  Help A Bear's mission is to provide the valuable resources these charities need to keep funding projects to protect these beautiful Bears, and that's why we donate 50% of all proceeds to assist these causes.  Bears are in need of our help, and it's up to you to lend a hand and Help A Bear.